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        in nowadays,many famous features’over worship of money and materials has cornered Chinese young people to the ultimate anxiety and fickleness. They pursue luxuries, but neglect noble spiritual wealth. 

        Their behaviour do not deserve their reputation. If I i were a celebrity, first, i would make the public moral and social responsibility in my mind. I would do something useful to the society In today's society, the excessive worship of money and material by many celebrities has led Chinese young people into extreme anxiety and impetuosity. They pursue luxury, but neglect noble spiritual wealth. 

        Their behaviour does not befit their reputation. If I were a celebrity, first of all, I would keep public morality and social responsibility in my mind. I will do something useful to society


        On Dedication

        The word dedication naturally reminds me of the speech delivered by Winston Churchill in 1940 during the Second World War, in which he said: I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. Nowadays, it seems that the real war is gradually moving away from us in this relatively peaceful world, but there is another war waiting for us. 

        That is the war fighting against the Covid-19 which abruptly broke out in the beginning of the year 2020. In this smokeless war, a great number of medical staffs and volunteers illustrate the meaning of the word dedication with their determined actions.


        As is vividly shown in the picture, a boy is standing in the middle of the street holding a book called “Civic Morality”, trampling through the rubbish and shouting, “Who lost this?” Meanwhile, three people next to him are passing casually, pretending not to see him, and are still spitting or taking out the rubbish. Simple as the picture is, it demonstrates a certain thought-provoking social phenomenon.

        The picture tells us that civic morality has become a topic we urgently need to pay attention to now. But how can we improve civic morality? First, citizens should abide by the garbage classification policy. Second, relevant organizations can put signs in public places such as bus stops and the walls beside streets to remind people to pay attention to their words and deeds. In addition, the government can make some regulations to restrain the behavior of citizens. For example, people found littering and spitting should be fined accordingly. I believe that through these steps, there will be a corresponding reduction in the unethical behavior of citizens, such as those shown in the picture.

        In a word, good civic morality needs to be upheld by all, and everyone plays an irreplaceable role. Therefore, each of us should start from ourselves, put an end to the bad behavior shown above, and be a good citizen to protect the environment.




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